Enjoy a one of a kind experience at the ever-popular iFLY Downunder, and try the latest extreme sport taking the world by storm - indoor skydiving. Located conveniently in Penrith,you'll be able to experience all the fun of skydiving without stepping foot in a plane. Feel the feeling of complete weightlessness and fly in a near-perfect simulation of the free-fall of dropping from 14,000 feet that standard skydives offer.

Professional indoor skydiving instructors will ensure you're both comfortable and confident to simply enjoy your time floating in mid-air as the massively powerful fans have you feeling like a superhero. Be sure to book your experience online now as this is one of Sydney's most popular attractions; do a skydive without the required months of training that your friends and family can stand by and watch! Simply choose from the available indoor skydive packages below and book your flights online today.

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Top tips

"Choose from a selection of different packages, including one to please first time flyers, right through to those looking for a more adrenalin pumping experience that sees your instructor whizz you towards the top of the high wind tunnel."